Access Control Systems provide a great degree of security over who can interact with a resource in order to secure important confidential or sensitive information and equipment.

  Proximity Readers:
An increasing number of businesses are using proximity cards to control physical access. An employee holds his/her card within a few inches of the reader; the reader receives a unique ID from the card and transmits this information to a central system that tells it whether or not to open the door.
Unlike conventional access control methods, access control by way of biometrics is used where high security is a necessity. Due to its unique identity authentication by way of scanning a person’s unique yet complex physical characteristics, biometrics is used moreso in hospitals and financial institutions for greater security and efficiency.


Whatever your need for access control, the team at TAGI is qualified and certified to provide you with the solution to your entry systems problem by offering a variety of configuration in door access control, biometric/proximity readers and swipe card systems based upon the level of security your business requires.