Fusion IV DVR Series

The Fusion IV hybrid DVR Series sets a new standard for recording. Expanding beyond the analogue DVR role,
Fusion IV bridges the gap between DVRs and NVRs; it is a full featured hybrid digital recording system.
The system is designed to record, search and transmit up to 32 channels of analogue or IP video sources,
up to 16 channels of audio and POS/ATM text data.
Benefits of the system include significantly expanded support for digital video sources; including IP cameras,
network encoders and megapixel cameras.
Fusion IV offersup to 32 channels of hybrid (analogue and/or IP) camera support.
 H.264 implementation provides superior video quality with small file sizes for improved performance across a network
 Furthermore, H.264 is now a standard compression option for all cameras recorded on the DVR.
The Fusion IV hardware enhancements ensure efficient multi-tasking of simultaneous operations including
network cameras, megapixel cameras, point-of-sale and more. Dual video ports have also been added.
Relying on the Windows® XP embedded operating system, the Fusion IV provides network security and firewall protection,
 while eliminating the need to format DVDs before back up.
The front panel provides easy access to the standard DVD-RW drive, dual USB 2.0 ports and the four
 field-replaceable hard drives.
Market Opportunities 
Global market adoption of IP and megapixel camera technologies drive the need for new surveillance

 capabilities offered by the Fusion IV DVR. Supporting both analogue and IP cameras,
 Fusion IV is ideal for systems requiring transition to IP to maximise the cost-savings benefits associated
with IP networking.
Additional benefits are realised for systems adding new capabilities such as unparalleled image clarity
using megapixel cameras. Applications include educational, municipal and corporate campus environments,
large retail with IDM (Integrated Data Manager) point-of-sale integration, and hotels or resorts.
When the need is for a hybrid digital recording solution, the solution is the Fusion IV DVR.


  • Analogue and IP recording up to 32 channels
  • Global recording rates for 100 to 400 at CIF resolution PAL
  • Recording resolutions up to 720 × 576 (D1)
  • VGA and DVI-D ports for local live viewing
  • Available with 8, 16 and 32 looping video inputs
  • Internal storage capacity from 500 GB to 8 TB
  • External storage options from 1 TB to 48 TB
  • 16 sensor inputs and 16 control outputs
  • Optional multiplexed or switched spot outputs
  • 16 channels of audio standard on select models
  • 10/100/1000 gigabit network standard
  • Keyboard control of camera selection and PTZ control
  • Windows® XP embedded operating system

System Configurations:

Standard application

Future Expansion (48ch & Matrix Decoder Display)