Securing life and property is of critical importance, especially in areas that include the elderly, patients and children.  At The Annex Group, we offer installation/maintenance services for fire, intrusion, access control and closed circuit systems.  You have the assurance of knowing that licensed, certified and extensively trained technicians are at your service.

Intrusion Systems:

Intrusion systems serve a vital role in securing life and property.  To help increase the success of your intrusion systems, there are components that are specifically designed to detect and deter intruders.  There are also a variety of alarm sensors that can be used in intrusion systems with each having a different purpose. 

  Door and Window Sensors
Triggers your alarm when an intruder opens a door
Motion Detectors:  
Activates your alarm system when motion is detected
Glass Breakers:  
These devices are programmed to detect the noise or vibration produced when glass breaks.
Output Devices:  
These include components such as horns/sirens and strobe lights.

Intrusion systems have proven to be effective when properly installed and maintained. TAGI’s intrusion systems monitor all entries into your office/home including doors and windows twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. By using a variety of contacts and motion detectors, we can detect movement inside and outside of your office.  Rest assured that TAGI has the knowledge, ability and expertise to provide the appropriate intrusion system for you. Give us a call today and experience the difference in our commitment to serving you!