In an effort to eliminate communication challenges between patients and nurses as well as improve nursing workflows, a growing number of healthcare facilities have recognized the importance of utilizing nurse call systems in these areas.

  Nurse Call:
Nurse Call systems have proven to be effective in locating nurses, improving patient safety, drive efficiency at the point of care and improve patient satisfaction. This solution offers a way for nurses and patients to interact and for nurses to get real-time notification on patient status and respond to patient requests.
 Nurse call systems :
Nurse call systems are useful in providing added advantage to include:

• The ability to use real-time location system to locate a nurse on the floor
• Two-way communication between patient and nurse
• Integration with other medical devices to alert nurses of a patient’s condition
• Compatibility with IP based systems
• Interoperability where the system can interact with other medical devices.


TAGI’s services to you

Over the years, TAGI has partnered with top manufacturers in designing systems that are tailored to suit patient-nurse unique needs. TAGI’s systems typically allow nurses to answer calls via nurse stations by way of audio/visual master which provides two-way communication. Activation of these systems will sound an audible signal at the nursing unit's nurse station indicating type and location of call.
Patients are of top priority as they are not at liberty to function without some kind of assistance. It is therefore important to ensure that they are provided with some level of easy access to emergency personnel in case of any eventualities. Emergency Nurse Call Systems are so designed for this purpose and continues to improve patient/nurse communication. TAGI’s technical staff is readily available to provide consultation and advice concerning this service to your facility upon request.